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Most frequently asked questions and answers:

Wear comfortable clothing for the exercise session. You will be given a manual that you should bring along every week along with a pen to make notes.

The sessions are completely free for residents of Hampshire or if you are registered with a GP in Hampshire (excluding Portsmouth and Southampton).

We have a list of locations across Hampshire. For a full list go to clinics please check our website


Having your camera on is not compulsory however we do strongly recommend that you keep your camera on. Not only is this great for group chemistry but it also ensures our instructors that you are conducting exercises correctly.

Not a problem, we will make sure we deliver the notes to you on your return.

We run the online classes via Zoom/Microsoft Teams (we will send you the link). If you choose to view the course on a laptop/desktop you will not need to download anything. If you are viewing the class via your tablet/mobile phone, then you will need to download the Zoom/Microsoft Teams app. Our advisor will let you know what platform the class is being held on.

Just comfortable clothing and a little floor space. Our exercise classes do not include any exercise equipment to ensure everyone can participate.

The classes run for 90 minutes and consist of 45 mins of nutrition, and 45 mins of exercise. The entire course runs for 12 weeks.

Not to worry! We have our ShapeUp4Life app which covers all the topics that are taught in our classes, which you can watch at your own pace. The app also has tons of healthy recipes and workouts to complete whilst you log your progress.

ShapeUp4Life is an innovative new weight management service brought to you by Solutions 4 Health. Accessible anytime, anywhere, this NICE compliant, multi-disciplinary programme builds upon the teams’ extensive knowledge and successes from years of delivering face to face weight management programmes at the heart of the community.

ShapeUp4Life is an evidence-based weight management service built on the effective community programme that has supported thousands to be healthier, insights from key subject matter experts, and user feedback to help you create lasting healthy choices. The programme has been built by a team of dietitians, nutritionists, psychologists and personal trainers.

Your group will consist of your instructor and other individuals from your community (Hampshire) who are also on a weight loss journey. There is the option to be in a closed group, these are groups created to ensure that all participants are in an environment in which they feel comfortable. Our closed groups include male/female only as well as groups based around certain cultures or religions. If you would feel more comfortable in a closed group, please let one of our advisors know.

We aim to help all participants lose 5% of their total body weight during the first 12 weeks, this is usually 1-2lbs (0.5-1kg) per week. Your instructor will work with you to set a personal goal for the 12-week programme as well as longer-term goals once you’ve completed the 12 weeks.

For best results it is recommended that you stick with the programme for 12 weeks, however, we know that sometimes life gets in the way. If for some reason you feel you are unable to complete the full 12 weeks, please let your instructor know and we can see if there is any way we can support you or get you back to complete your programme when you feel ready.

We’ve selected an incredible group of passionate individuals to deliver our 12-week programme. All our instructors have a background and qualifications in exercise and nutrition and a passion for teaching individuals how to live a healthier lifestyle. They have completed behaviour change training which enables them to not only teach you what to do to improve your lifestyle but to also help you figure out how to make these changes.

If you are being cared for by someone or if you are not the main cook in the house, then we do recommend that you bring your carer or the person who prepares your food along to the sessions with you.

Absolutely, we have nutrition only groups for those who are unable to or wish not to exercise as part of this programme. In these groups the sessions are only 45 minutes long as they do not include a 45-minute exercise session at the end.

Our instructors are excellent at adapting the sessions to make sure they are suitable for all levels of fitness. If you haven’t exercised for a while, you will be able to go at a pace that feels good for you and your instructor will make sure that you feel comfortable with every exercise.

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